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 Providing authentic handmade art for everyone to enjoy.

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Our Humble Beginnings

East Coast Beach Sand started in the Magdalen Islands roughly 20 years ago by my father: Tim Clark, previously a lobster fisherman. Growing up, we lived on a beach and always loved taking the beach home with us, sand, shells, seaglas etc... After many years of breaking his back as a lobster fisherman and having a flare for the arts he started a business  ( East Coast Beach Sand) that allowed our customers to take the beach home with them as well.

I worked in the family shop as a young girl and fell in love instantly with the creative and whimsical worlds of artist and beach. I then, began my journey as a young artisan.

Fast forward some years later, I met my future husband at a local craft show selling his handmade glass work. It was a classic boy meets girl, sand meets glass. Now, in collaboration of both talents, we introduce a new hybrid business featuring both talents: East Coast Sand & Glass.

Our Mission

We strive to provide authentic handmade art for everyone to enjoy.

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